Vetements Dress

Vetements Dress


“I got this dress at the Real Real and still can’t really believe I’m giving it up. I never really loved Vetements, but this dress was something special, and I got such a great deal on it. I wore it to my first Paris Fashion Week and it was a hit in the street style galleries. I felt so great wearing it. One funny story from when I wore it, though: This dress has some pieces that hang down intentionally, and one of the little ruffle scraps dragged on the floor a bit when I wore it in Paris, and all the Parisians were so concerned! I had a man chase me down the street saying, ‘Mademoiselle! Mademoiselle! Your dress is broken, it’s dragging on the floor! It’s getting dirty!’ And I had to tell him it was made that way…’ C’est la mode! (It’s fashion!)’ — Alyssa

Size: Small
100% Polyester
Dry Clean Only

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